Oh you have no idea about how much I have to say. But before I do, let’s have a quick crash course for the uninitiated.

What is Game of War?

It’s a multiplayer online strategy game, played on *gasp* mobiles. Do I sound elitist? Like I think consoles and PCs are better for gaming than *shudder* mobiles. Well, maybe it’s because I am. Mobile users should stick to Temple Run and Subway Surfer. I mean everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine is that mobile is not the place for any strategy games. But that’s just me and that’s not the point.

DoTA is better #$%^&

Now that we’re all caught up with what we’re going to talk about, ponder this. You have millions of dollars. Of course we’ve already imagined this every day (or is that just me), but imagine that it is a reality; now what do you do?

You buy stuff, of course, but at some point you might invest it as well.

OK, pondering over, let’s get back to the story, or started with. Whatever!

So there’s this guy called Kevin Lee Co, who used to work at Holt, California. In about May, 2008, he started a credit fraud scheme where he used the company’s name. Don’t ask me how he did it, I am not an enabler of credit fraud (and honestly, I have been looking everywhere, but I can’t find out how he did it). Anyway, it doesn’t matter, because he eventually got caught, after 7 years of playing with this scheme that is. An year into it, he got the responsibility of managing Holt’s accounting department and he managed to hide what he was up to till March, 2015.

So, how do you think it worked out for him? He managed to embezzle (no, it’s not harsh, that is what it is called) a whopping 4.8 million dollars. According to his plea bargain, he bought luxury cars, season tickets for the NFL team San Francisco 49ers and for the Sacramento Kings, had plastic surgery, bought home furniture, got a golf membership, and was basically living the high life on stolen funds.

But you know what part actually got my goat and made me vent here? He spent… wait for it… one freaking million dollars on Game of War.

**Moment of silence**

**Release of some explicit language**

**Breath to calm down before continuing**

Ok, so I get that GoW is like the highest grossing “mobile” game. It does have in-app purchases; you could buy gold, or you could buy credits to advance your game and your kingdom. But for heaven’s sake, Game of War?

It’s not like the guy didn’t pull off something major. It’s not like any of us might have done differently; of course I mean if someone gave us some money, not like we’re gonna steal any money. Amirite? My issue isn’t that he chose to spend so much money on a game; my issue is more about how he spent it on a “mobile” game. No, wait. My issue is that he stole the money in the first place. Stealing is wrong kids! Look what happened here. The guy got caught (after 7 years of fraud) and is facing charges of wire fraud and money laundering, which if proved, can get him a 20 year sentence in jail, each. He has of course tried for a plea bargain to mitigate his sentence by a bit.

Obviously STEALING IS WRONG! But if you suddenly came into some money, what would you do with it? I’d probably do something similar, sans the plastic surgery (maybe) and the Game of War thing (definitely), but maybe I’d invest in something too. Or I’d try to become a drug overlord and buy all the protection I need.

P.S. Do you think Game of War popularity has something to do with Kate Upton or Mariah Carey being in their adverts?


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