Getting a new phone has always been a moment of excitement. But when it comes to buying the latest iPhone, it comes with long lines, long waits, a major expense, and of course with Samsung just waiting to mock the new model. Samsung has for years instantly come up with ads that mock Apple for being behind the curve. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you love Apple or you are an android devotee; the point is that these ads are almost always very funny. So let’s take a stroll through memory lane with some of Samsung’s digs at Apple announcements.

At the time of the 4s

Before the previous ad, there was the iPhone 4s and the Samsung Galaxy S2. The slogan ‘The Next Big Thing Is Already Here’ speaks a lot about what they really think in this ad.

When the iPhone 5 was on its way

Samsung took a not so subtle dig at the release of every new iPhone and the people who queue up to get their hands on one with their ad for the Galaxy S3.

It’s the iPad Air this time

Remember the iPad Air pencil ad? Well watch what Samsung has to say for its Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1. Samsung has not at all held back in this ad where it has openly compared how the Galaxy Tab Pro is just better than the iPad Air (and thinner).

The Galaxy S4

Is it openly mocking a particular Apple product? Well, no, but the ad makes it very clear that some smart phones are smarter than others. And yes, they do have a logo-less phone that does suspiciously resemble an iPhone.

The Galaxy S4, but not an ad, but still an ad

This ad mocks everything from iPhone ads to the queues and shows the most innovative and fun way that Samsung chose to showcase its latest products.

The iPad vs. the Galaxy Tab Pro

A small add and a clear dig at a very simple multi-user feature.

Samsung never misses a beat when it comes to coming up with some Apple mocking ads.

Disclaimer: This blog does not represent views at all. It is a simple listicle of funny ads. Watch and have fun!


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