A man’s brain can truly turn the unbelievable into believable. One such conceivable dream has turned reality by the introduction of the world’s first robot-cop or ‘Robocop’ as it is now known, that has been already put to work by Dubai Police.

Robocop made its grand debut at the Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference, on Monday,in Dubai. It has been developed by the PAL Robotics based in Spain, Google and IBM’s Watson with the adequate requirements of Dubai Police. Robocop’s introduction highlights some of its extremely fascinating characteristics-

Robocop is a robot, powered by the artificial intelligence and stands about 5 feet and five inches tall. It weights around 220lbs and has an eight- hours battery life.

The robot has a feature of an “emotion detector” which helps it to identify a person’s sadness or happiness and also, it can alter its own expression, according to the Gulf News. Using the face recognition software, it can identify the police officers as well as the guilty, as quoted by the Khaleej Times.

It can divulge in about six languages, apparently, out of which, two languages namely English and Arabic are confirmed.

It is also empowered with an in-built tablet that has been reportedly placed in the middle of its chest, that can be used by people to report crimes and pay off fines and traffic tickets using their credit cards. Also, the tablet can be used to send or receive messages and information from the police headquarters.

Officials expect that by the year, 2030, a quarter or 25% of Dubai’s total police force shall comprise of robots. Also, there’re several plans being framed to develop the world’s largest robot, capacitated to run for around 80 kms per hour, that’ll be handled by a police officer, to seat in the cabin, inside.

“The launch of the world’s first operational Robocop is a significant milestone for the emirates and a step towards realizing Dubai’s vision to be a global leader in smart cities technology adoption,” quotes Brig Khalid Al Razooqi, the Director General of Smart Services of Dubai Police.

The Robocop’s first job will be patrolling. It’s first job will apparently be at malls or hot spots of terror activities around Dubai. It officially begins its duty on 24th of may i,e, Wednesday.

Whatever history it creates, will surely be a fun ride to see.


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