In more ways than one, your android device is your best friend. From helping you stare at it during awkward moments to be there for all your needs, your best friend is not just extremely loyal, it is hellishly smart. But sometimes, it acts totally opposite. The loyal and smart friend acts like a complete douchebag when you use it to communicate something to somebody else. Yes, we mean the lousiness that an android device spills when it lacks the smartness of understanding what exactly are you trying to type.  We all know the struggle you face and want to end your anguish forever. Here are the best typing apps that will change the way you type.


  1. Swiftkey: While the app came at a price till 2014, it has now been made free on the App store. One of the most defined and simplistic applications, Swiftkey comes with a range of languages (including Hindi and Hinglish) that understands most of your lingo.
    The keyboard also supports swipe texting and enables you to glide seamlessly on the clean layout. Moreover, Swiftkey records your typing patterns and smarty predicts your next word based on your heat. In the recent update, it also added a simplistic Devnagiri keyboard which allows you to get to Hindi whenever you need it. After all, emotions are best expressed in this language.  
    It can also be highly customized. Giving you the option to change the layout, long press duration and the overall theme of the keyboard. It makes sure that the adaptation is from the interface and not from the user. There is hence no surprise that Swiftkey now comes preloaded with several flagship devices of different companies.


Cost: Free



2. Google Keyboard: No, don’t be so surprised, dear! While Google’s keyboard was the dark horse some years back, it has actually made giants strides and has become a pretty decent keyboard now. The giants have worked extensively on the speed of the application and haveevolved into a pretty swift system. Fluent swipe and gesture typing along with a modernised emoji tray further add to the potency of the keyboard. Another major advantage is Google’s very own ‘text to speech’ engine. From general use, the engine does seem quite responsive and adapts well to a range of accents in the English language.

Where the Google keyboard lags is in the predictive texting. While it has gained a lot of smartness in the region, it does stand second to Swiftkey which has a much smarter and sharper acumen in this regard.

Cost: Free



3. Fleksy: Another premium keyboard impressing his way in the list is Fleksy. It stands out not just for its fluidity but also for its unique interface. Highly customizable, Fleksy allows you to move beyond the standard QWERTY layout. When we say that, we don’t just mean DVORAK, but also include some other formats that Fleksy is extremely comfortable with. In sync with the social trends, the app also allows you to share GIFs along with arrange of superior looking emojis. And did we mention the unique invisible working mode, which allows you to type without the keypad being visible. A perfect keyboard when you have nosy friends and family around, isn’t it?


The App earlier came with a 30 day trial period post which asked you to loosen up your pocket. While the amount was not much, Fleksy actually made the keyboard and a range of themes absolutely free.


Cost: Free



4. Flash Keyboard: For those of you who don’t just write sugar coated mails from their phones, this app can come in pretty handy. As the name suggests, the keyboard application prides on its speed and promises to be one of the best in the business. But what sets the application truly apart is its wide range of stickers and emojis. Making the application more fun, Flash keyboard lets the user customize the entire keyboard on their own will hence giving you the option to suit the keyboard according to your individual needs. Since we all have different typing and texting patterns, this feature comes handy. Besides, the app’s ability to create personalized stickers and GIFs will add flavour to every chat with your friends. With a wide range of supported languages and high user rating on Play store, Flash is a highly recommended app. 

Cost: Free



5. Minuum Keyboad: This one gets a thumbs up and a loud shout out for being the pioneer of futuristic typing methods. Thinking out of the box, and being the first mover towards the future, Minuum released a truly revolutionary keyboard. The fully customizable keyboard that allows you to reposition, resize and realign the keyboard with “QWERTZ,” “AZERTY” and “A-Z” adaptability is a major boon. But the standout feature is its minimized version. Using that, the keyboard retracts to merely a bar at the bottom of the screen and compresses the keys into one big line. All you need to do is just roughly type your thumb across the screen and its smart engine will predict what you are trying to say. In the case of a wrong prediction, a simple Swipe will help you find the correct word. Marketed as a “little keyboard for big fingers”, the app is futuristic and innovative. While using it might be a pain initially, once the mind and thumb gets used to this, it will be a truly advanced way of texting.



Cost: Rs.198



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