Man Hacked And Burnt To Death Over ‘Love Jihad’ In Rajasthan, Family Demands Guilty Be Hanged

The accused Shambhu Lal Regar and the victim Afrazul Khan (inset). Source: Indian Express

In a horrific video that went viral a man in Rajasthan is shown, hacking another to death and burning the body while announcing a communal rant against “love jihad“, (term used by right-wing groups accusing Muslim men of luring Hindu women into relationships for the sole purpose of converting them)

The accused Shambhu Lal Regar and the victim Afrazul Khan (inset). Source: Indian Express

Family members of Afrazul Khan are in disbelief. “Those who killed him like an animal and showed his pictures to the world should be hanged,” they demand, alleging that there is a conspiracy.

Khan, who was a Muslim laborer from the Malda in West Bengal worked in the Rajsamand area, where his body was discovered by the police.

The accused Shambhu Lal Regar, reportedly got his 14-year-old nephew to film the act said authorities.

“Prima facie, it appears that Regar killed the man and the man was dead when he set the body on fire,” Rajsamand superintendent of police said Manoj Kumar said.

According to Hindustan Times, the clips, circulated on WhatsApp, emerged from the state’s Rajsamand district on Wednesday, police said. The authenticity of the videos hasn’t been verified as of yet.

Internet services have been suspended in Rajsamand to stop the circulation of two video clips that were posted on WhatsApp, allegedly by the accused.

Source: Indian Express

“We want those who killed my husband so brutally and showed it to the world be hanged. I want Insaaf (justice). He was only killed because he was a Muslim. Yesterday, at around 3 pm, we received a call from Rajasthan Police and were told that my husband has been murdered,” said Gul Bahar Bibi the victim’s wife according to Indian Express.

“We even spoke to him on Tuesday. He calls us every day. We do not know what love jihad is. He has grandchildren. They butchered my father like animals before setting him on fire. I want those who did that to suffer in the same manner. I have seen the video and the cries of my helpless father while he was being killed,” said Rejina Khatun daughter of the victim.

“There is a conspiracy and big people are involved. What can a laborer do? The manner in which the crime is highlighted on social media shows that there is a deep conspiracy and big people are involved. We have relatives in Rajasthan who are at the police station now,” said Zeenat Khan, the Afrazul’s niece.

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