What happens when people decide to do their own barbecue evenings? What do the restaurant owners and staff do in such a case? More importantly, how can they get these people to come to restaurants?

This video by Pakistani YouTube channel Teeli has all the answers.

After the funny ‘Darzi Ki Marzi’ about ladies tailors’ conspiracies during Eid-al-Fitr, this one called ‘No BBQ Tonight: Bakra Eid 2017’ shows what goes inside a restaurant during Eid-al-Adha.

The video is set in a restaurant whose business has been affected because of people hosting their own barbecue parties in the evening. The staff tries to plot how they can foil such barbecue plans so people have to head to restaurants to dine on the festive occasion. What follows is a pact with the ‘Qassai (Butcher) Association’, a CBI (Chief Barbecue Interstellar) agent, donkeys, DSLRs and a small dark-coloured lump which makes the owner’s eyes glitter (wink wink).

Directed by Arbab Hussain and Faheem Azam, the video will sure make you laugh.

Watch the video here:



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