Pahlaj Nihalani Presents ‘Unsanskaari’ Film ‘Julie 2’ !


Pahlaj Nihalani sure knows how to remain in the news. Till a few days back, the former CBFC Chairman was thumping his chest for being a ‘sanskaari’ moral guardian of the masses. But now, he presents to us ‘Julie 2’, a sequel to the 2004 erotica ‘Julie’.

Nihalani is the distributor for the film, directed by Deepak Shivdasani. This comes as a surprise, given the kind of ‘sanskaari’ ideology Nihalani was busy pushing during his tenure as the Censor Board Chief. After having relentlessly crusaded for a sanitized cinema to ‘safeguard’ the morals of the audience, Nihalani is now distributing a rather ‘unsanskaari’ film.

A poster for the film, released online, shows Raai Laxmi – the film’s lead – clad in a bikini bottom lying on the beach side with only a magazine to cover her bosoms.

For someone who had problems with women’s bare backs in Lipstick Under My Burkha or just the mention of the word ‘intercourse’ in Jab Harry Met Sejal, it is quite ironic to be distributing an erotic film.

As is the case, Twitterverse took up the issue with full enthusiasm. The micro blogging website went abuzz after seeing the poster and Nihalani was subject to all sorts of bantering and trolling.

Here are a few of the tweets who went all out in calling out Nihalani’s hypocrisy.


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