We are into that time of the year again when it’s foggy, dewy, cold, and lazy. Cue the season, winter’s finally here! You get to dig into sweaters and jackets, sip hot coffee, walk through misty lanes, and wake up to chilly winter mornings.

I don’t like waking up to the chilly winter mornings and I think most of you don’t! The reason is quite obvious; stepping out of your warm blanket on a chilly winter morning is an act only a select few souls can dare to brave!

And for the timid ones like me, you can now have ‘more blanket’ in a blanket. In that spirit, here’s how the list goes –


Despite the warmth they provide, quilts are so visually attractive! Have a look at the picture above; don’t they look like an art piece?

Quilts are like a sandwich, having three layers, middle warm padding enclosed between two layers. One thing unique with a quilt is the lines of stitching (that are visible) to keep the padding in place.


A bag filled with wool, feather, cotton or any other natural stuffing, is a duvet. A duvet is soft, light and really comfortable blanket that keeps you warm in the chilly winters.

Wool Blanket

Wool blanket is one classic blanket that is made out of wool, which is an excellent insulator. These blankets can be very warm, durable, and affordable. Also, you can find then in an assortment ranging from budget-friendly varieties to fine heirloom varieties.

Mink Blanket

A mink blanket is typically made from synthetic fiber, and is too soft, smooth and warm. You can find these blankets in a vast variety of prints and colors, and are really durable. A word of advice- when you buy this blanket, remember to check the quality as these blankets come in varying levels of quality. 

Electric Blanket

When the temperature dips, you can feel the need to put the blower into your blanket to make it warm (but that’s not safe). Instead, buy yourself an electric blanket. It can be connected to an electrical source, and you can also adjust the level of warmth (just like the heating pads).

Still need more reasons to snuggle up? Well, I am out.


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