One thing that makes celebrations even more special is – GIFTS! And who doesn’t love receiving gifts. I shamelessly agree that I do and I know you do too. The next best thing after receiving gifts and cool stuff is giving them to people special to us and watch their eyes go big and faces acquire that thousand watt smile. Now one thing that really saddens and agitates me simultaneously is how pricey the gifting items have gotten over time. I mean you go out in the market to buy a cute soft toy and you’ll end up spending a lot on it.

But don’t you guys worry, because every problem has a smart solution like a DIY is to the above mentioned one. Don’t squirm, lazypants! Settling for a DIY besides saving your hard-earned money also lets you master the art of self-creating cool stuffs along with strengthening your bond with your loved one. Believe me, you shall thank me later. So, here are certain creative gifting ideas that you can- Do It Yourself!

Personalized Posters

Declare your love, write in a quote, print out lines from a movie that both of you love, preserve your sweet love story in glass, in short there are a million things that make a personalized poster one of the best gift ideas for your partner. The best thing is you do not have to be artist to nail this one.

Shot glasses

All you need to ace this idea is buy shot glasses from the market, get some glass paints and paint them up. Real easy isn’t it. A little more effort and you could add a yummy twist to this idea with edible shot glasses. For this you could mold up glasses out of chocolates, champagne or whatever be the favorite drink or carve out one from a fruit.

Tool holder

As trivial as it may sound, a tool holder can prove to be a really efficient gift as you never know when you might need it. There exist various options to making one, for instance, you could sew up a sturdy denim holder or one in leather.

Coasters and Trivets

Be your partner hygiene freak or not, personalized coasters and trivets are gifts that shall never go out of fashion. From felts, crochet, wooden, to beads there exist numerous ideas that you can put in to perfect this gifting item. Want to make it even more personal, well add name initials or a get a photo printed and voila!

Homemade bath salts and scrubs

Now isn’t cleanliness next to godliness, and personal hygiene the key to health and refreshed minds. So what better gift for your partner than homemade bath salts and scrubs. They are affordable, unadulterated and made with love.

Pouches and Cases

Be it your valuables, mobile phone, earbuds or some other trinkets, all need pouches/cases that keep them away from dust and save from getting misplaced. With multicolored felt sheets, patterned fabrics and nets available in the market you could come with some really cute and interesting pouches and cases for your partner. If you have some extra time you could make one for yourself too. Just saying!

Did I just save you a fortune or what? Now go on and impress 😉


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