Backpacks have become a part of our life. No matter if you’re heading for a night out, or you’re commuting to work, a backpack is the perfect solution for carrying your stuff. But, with technological advancements that we haven’t yet heard about, companies have managed to convert backpacks to the most interesting things ever. To help you understand what I’m talking about, here is a list of some backpacks that are so out of this world that you’ve just got to have them:

The anti-theft backpack from LocTote

The bag is made from high performance tech fabric that is very durable and resists any attempted slashing, abrasion, and tearing. The bag also comes with a solid brass lock and steel reinforced strap that allows you to lock the bag and fix it to any fixed object. The bag is also equipped with a RFID blocker in its interior pockets which protects your cards from unauthorized scanning. Oh and it’s also water proof.


The Electropack by Soot is a bag made of two bags. It can be used as the mini messenger, a 10 liter bag; the commuter, a 24 liter bag; or combined to make a 34 liter carry-on bag. This bag isn’t special because it is two bags that can come together to make a new bag, but it is special because it can help you charge your electronic devices when you’re off the grid, for up to 2 weeks.

The iPod Backpack

This one is a mono-strap iPod backpack. By iPod backpack, I do not mean that it just has a special pocket for your iPod (it does have that), but that the bag comes with a five-button smart fabric control panel, located on the strap. You can put your iPod into the bag and control it with the panel on the strap with options for volume, play, pause, next track, and last track.

The Fridge Backpack

Have you ever wanted to go up a small hill and drink beer at the top? Well I have, and what sucks about this idea is that when you reach, the beer has gone warm and is not worth the trek anymore. Not to sound like an infomercial, but the Boxcooler by Sebastian Bertram has plenty of room and keeps stuff cool for a long time, with a storage cell that can be reloaded in cars and homes.

Voltaic Solar Backpack

This solar backpack by Voltaic Systems does exactly what the name suggests. It has solar panels on the back that use the energy from the sun to charge up. What then? It can help you charge your electronics on a trip.

Reppo II Backpack

There is an industrial design student called Joonas Saaranen who maybe got bored of having no music when he got to nice places. So he made this Reppo II backpack that has a pair of built in full range speakers as well as an amplifier. I don’t know about you, but this is one bag that I really, really need.

SEIL Backpack

Designed by Lee Myung Su, this is a backpack that comes with a wireless controller. Why control a bag? Well, this bag is mostly for bicycle riders and the controller can be used to display directions and signals on the backpack’s back.

These are some of the designs that have really transformed the world of backpacks. Multipurpose and truly innovative I’d kill for these bags. I just don’t know who I’m supposed to kill for these however.


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