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How To Make A Great First Impression

Every one of us has been in a situation where we wish we could go back and rewind that first meeting. Whether at an...

Being – The Whore

The thirst of being. For every human, the concept of "being" stands out as a different opinion. For me, analytically; its all a delusion,...

12 Baba Ramdev memes that will make you ROFL!

Baba Ramdev is one of the most famous, or should I say, notorious personalities in India. He’s been majorly responsible for taking yoga to...

Love, Sex and Relationship

The Dummies Guide to Modern Dating Slang!

If you’re new to the millennial dating scene, I’m sure you’ve been baffled at some point by the variety of modern dating terminology out...

What turns on the women?

Men and women have been created to be different, both physically and psychologically. I know that’s been debated across the World Wide Web a...

#ShutThePhoneUp: This Ad By Manforce Redefining ‘Safe’ Sex Is An Eye-Opener!

The term safe sex often conjures up images of birth control, STD’s and unplanned pregnancies and other contraceptives. However, in today’s day and age, while...

पिंदार-ए-इश्क़: दिल के कुछ दबे अलफ़ाज़

  आज फिर एक दिन गुज़र गया बिना उससे बात करे आज फिर मुझसे मै रुठ गया और आंसू आँखों में भरे सामने वो थी पर लब कुछ शांत थे उसके,...

Bring The Sexy Back In The Bed With These 5 Tips

Let’s face it; sex isn’t as natural as everyone would have us believe. I mean sure, we’re human beings, and as humans, our goal...

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